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Kiteschool KiteAmeland thinks personal attention during kitesurflessons most important! That’s why everything turns on you with KiteAmeland. To realize this we, in contrast with other kiteschools, work with a maximum op 2 persons per instructor. That’s how you learn kitesurfing with KiteAmeland faster, more personally and safelier.

We have a team of certified instructors with a lot of experience. See our movie to get a good impression of a kitesurflesson with KiteAmeland.

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Lesson options

Private lesson

We think it’s important for students to get personal attention from te instructor as much as possible. That’s why we make it a rule that an instructor works with 2 students maximally. The usual lessons are already semi-private. But during a private lesson all the focus is on you. In this way a student learns kitesurfing much faster and effectively. From experience we know that after 2 hours during a private lesson the student gets tired and the ability to learn decreases

Introduction course (per hour): € 60,-

2 persons

Our Standard is teaching kitesurfing is 2 students per instructor. This is an effective way to learn kitesurf better and faster. Together with you fellow student you will run through all exercises and learn from each other mistakes. This semi-private lesson method is the most ideal way to learn kitesurfing!

Introduction course (3 hours): € 90,-

Family lessons

A groups lesson is the most advantageous and fun way to learn kitesurfing. You can do it with family. The advantage of a group lessons is that you will learn from each other mistakes. On a pleasant way helping each other to a higher level!

Introduction course (3 hours): € 180,-

Lesson packages

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Introduction course

You want to learn kitesurfing? Or you think it makes fun to try? Then get acquainted with kitesurfing by taking an introduction course. Taking this course you can get acquainted with kitesurfing in a justified and safe way. KiteAmeland likes to help you in the way by means of our professional, safe an nice way of teaching.

1 day (total 3 hours)
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Basic course

 The basic course consist of two day-parts. The first part takes 3 hours. They are the same as in the introduction course . After taking the introduction course the student will take a day off and then go on where you stopped! In the second day-part (3 hours again) you will go on with the first waterstart. At the end of the basic course you will be able to sail a little distance in a controlled way. YEAH!

2 days (total 6 hours)
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Complete course

The full course takes 9 hours and is often spread over 3 days. We go for three hours of instruction a day, because experience tells us that the student gets tired after 2 hours and hardly takes information. The first two days are the same as the basic course. On the third day we will concentrate on cruising on the board . Eventually you will be able to sail upwind in a controlled way after the full course. At the end of a full course an IKO certificate will be awarded.

3 days (9 hours total)
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 De best kitesurfer is the person who has the most fun! Kevin Kiewiet / KiteAmeland
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