Kiteschool KiteAmeland

KiteAmeland is a Kitesurfing school on Ameland which provides 7 days a week kitesurfing lessons. For a kitesurflesson you don’t need any watersport experience. We give our kitelessons according to the guidelines of IKO (International Kiteboarding Organisation). Which means that safty is the most important factor for KiteAmeland. That’s why you always get a helmet and an impact vest in a kitelesson of KiteAmeland.


KiteAmeland is active on Ameland, one of the 5 northern islands of the Netherlands. Ameland is highly suitable for kitesurfing lessons due the two super locations on both sides of the island. Because of the two spots is possible to kitesurf witch every wind direction. KiteAmeland is mobile kiteschool and teaches on both spots: North Sea and the Waddensea.


 The IKO certified instructors from kitesurfingschool KiteAmeland have more then 10 years of experience in teaching kitesurfing in the Netherlands and internationally.


The kiteschool KiteAmeland is provided with the newest gear from Peter Lynn KiteboardingAboards en Mystic. KiteAmeland also sell these products of those brands.


An  IKO Kiteboarder Card
Your IKO Kiteboarder Card shows the achieved result of you lessons. With this IKO Card you can demonstrate that you followed lessons from an IKO Instructor. With a IKO Kiteboarder Card you can hire an buy kitesurfing material all over the world.


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Learn how to kitesurf? And you want a personal, professional but most of all a fun kitesurfing lesson? Take lessons at KiteAmeland!  
 +31 (0)6 10 888 501
 Marten Janszenstraat 4 , 9163 HW – Nes Ameland – Nederland
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