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Would you like to learn kitesurfing? Or does it look like fun to give it a try? Then get acquainted now with kitesurfing by taking a basic course. By taking this couse you give yourself a good basis to be able to kitesurf independently. KiteAmeland likes to help you to give you a start by means of our professional, safe an especially pleasant kitesurflessons.  

The basic course consist of two day-parts. The first part takes 3 hours. They are the same as in the introduction course (click here for the introduction course) . After taking the introduction course the student will take a day off and then go on where you stopped! In the second day-part (3 hours again) you will go on with the first waterstart. At the end of the basic course you will be able to sail a little distance in a controlled way. YEAH! 

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 What will you learn in a basic course?


  • Theory about the windwindow with different zones in it.
  • Being able to estimate weather- and windconditions for a safe kitesurf session.
  • Being able to kite in a controlles way with a trainer kite (small mattresskite)
  • How to rig and unrig a four-line kite
  • Working of the safety-systems of a kite
  • Being able to steer a 4-line kite
  • The first independent bodydrag exercises



  • Downwind bodydragging
  • Upwind bodydragging
  • Powerstroke (kite movement to be able to sail)
  • Waterstart with board
  • First meters of sailing downwind
  • Traffic rules on the water
  • Selfrescue

How much is a basic course? 

We think personal attention as much as possible by the kitesurf instructor most important. That’s why we make it a rule that an instructor works with 2 students maximally. In this way a student learns kitesurfing much faster and more effectively. A grouplesson (2 persons) takes 3 hours and costs €90,- per person. It’s also possible to take private lessons. A private lesson costs per hour €60,- per person. From experience we know that after 3 hours the students get tired and the ability to learn decreases.  

 Grouplessons (2 persons) 

  • 6 hours
  • € 180,- p.p.  
  • Materials included

Private lesson

  • per hour
  • € 60,- p.p.
  • Materials included
The best kitesurfer in the water is the one who has most of the fun!

Further information

For KiteAmeland safety is leading during the kitesurf lessons. When you have booked with us, we will contact you about 2 or 3 days before the lesson day planned. We can see the weather forecasts 2 or 3 days ahead and predict if the lessons can be given. If the lessons cannot be given because of too little of just too much wind, we will, together with you, find another suitable moment for the lessons. KiteAmeland has not set lessontimes, because of the wind direction and indicated location. Should the wind blow from the north we will give instruction at our location at the beach. In case of wind from the south we will work on the Wadden Sea being tied on the tide. Ameland is a real kitesurfing paradise because you can go kitesurfing with every wind direction!

  • KiteAmeland is active from April up to and including October
  • The lessons are meant for students of 10 and older
  • Kitesurflessons in wind speeds of 10 up to and including 20 knots

Supplementary lessons

Was the introduction lesson a great succes and do you want to go on? Then see the supplementary lessons!

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You want to learn kitesurfing? You want a personal, professional and especially pleasant kitesurflesson? You’re welcome! KiteAmeland 
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