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You want to rent kitesurf materials?

You want to dispose of the right materials during all wind conditions? Then rent your kite, board and wetsuit at KiteAmeland! 

The newest materials and the latest models by North Kiteboarding and ION are for hire. We dispose of all sizes of kites and boards so that you can have the right size for every wind condition. You can rent a kite or kite set simply and fast. Reserve online or contact us. Besides the kites, the wetsuits and trapezes are also for hire. Rent a kite now for your holidays on Ameland!


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How much is renting kitesurf materials?

This is a survey of the prices of our materials.

Material Two hours From two hours
Kite € 40,- € 50,-
Board € 25,- € 30,-
Complete set (kite + board) € 60,- € 60,-
Wetsuit € 10,- € 20,-
Trapeze € 10,- € 20,-
Wetsuit + trapeze € 20,- € 40,-

More information

  • Renting is only possible if you can prove to be able to kitesurf independently by means of an IKO passport or an identification passport of a similar kitesurf organisation.
  • We charge a € 100,- security and a identity card has to be issued.
  • The kitesurf materials must be handed in at the kitesurfschool every day.
  • In case of damage caused to the materials compensation will be charged.
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You want to learn kitesurfing? You want a personal, professional and especially pleasant kitesurflesson? You’re welcome! KiteAmeland! 
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