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The  KiteAmeland  family

Kitesurfschool KiteAmeland provides safe, personal and professional kitelessons on Ameland. KiteAmeland works with certified IKO intsructors. KiteAmeland teaches accordingly the guidlines IKO (International Kiteboarding Organisations). Learn kitesurfing now at KiteAmeland!

Kevin Kiewiet
Senior instructor / Endboss KiteAmeland

Eigenaar kiteAmeland TEAM Kitesurfen ameland

Alexander Kiewiet
Assistent Instructor/ Endboss Ameland Adventure

Eigenaar Ameland adventure TEAM Kitesurfen ameland

Onno Engels
Instructor/ Always Relaxed! 

Eigenaar Ameland adventure TEAM Kitesurfen ameland

Jan Leendert Blokker
Assistent instructor/ The islander kitesurf guru! 

Eigenaar Ameland adventure TEAM Kitesurfen ameland

Passion for the wind

Our instructors are living for the sport kitesurfing.  They became kitesurfinstructors to teach kitesurfing safely to other people. That is for us instructors the most important. Kitesurf is an extreme sport and should be practiced and taught at safe circumstances.

In 2008, Kevin Kiewiet (Founder of KiteAmeland)  lost his heart to the sport kitesurfing. After two years non-stop of kitesurfing Kevin became an instructor and has given a lot of lessons at other kiteschools.  Also he has been all around the world to kitesurf on the most beautiful places of the world. After his studies he established in 2013 the kiteschool KiteAmeland. He wanted to start a new kiteschool at the island Ameland because of his new vision to teach kitesurfing on a more effective way.

Check out a lesson of KiteAmeland!

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Learn how to kitesurf? And you want a personal, professional but most of all a fun kitesurfing lesson? Take lessons at KiteAmeland!  
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