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Kitesurfschool KiteAmeland provides safe, personal and professional kitelessons on Ameland. KiteAmeland works with certified instructors. KiteAmeland teaches accordingly the guidlines of the Dutch kitesurfing Federation.
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In 2008, Kevin Kiewiet (Founder of KiteAmeland)  lost his heart to the sports kitesurfing. After two years non-stop of kitesurfing, Kevin became an instructor and has given a lot of lessons at other kite schools.  Also, he has been all around the world to kitesurf on the most beautiful places in the world. After his studies, he established in 2013 the kiteschool KiteAmeland. He wanted to start a new kiteschool at the island Ameland because of his new vision to teach kitesurfing in a more effective way.

2018 Kevin found a partner in KiteMobile. KiteMobile is a training center for the Dutch watersport Federation and both share the same vision.
Safe with a eye for FUN.

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You want to learn kitesurfing? You want a personal, professional and especially pleasant kitesurflesson? You’re welcome! KiteAmeland  
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